As more and more high-quality companies are settling in, CBD Area has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs and residents. The construction of high-quality living, education and medical supporting facilities is being accelerated and convenient public service environment is being formed. CBD Area has made significant progress in people’s livelihood and social causes.

Education and medical support. Tianjin Normal University Attached Elementary School has been built and put into use; Tianjin Juilliard School, which is the first overseas branch of Juilliard School, officially started construction on June 15, 2017 and plans to be opened in the autumn of 2019; Binhai School of Tianjin Normal University started construction at the end of June 2016 and its main body has currently been capped and is accelerating construction in the building with the expectation of being put into use in 2018; the construction plan of Yujiapu No. 1 Kindergarten was started in the first half of 2017. With the floor area of about 6,600 square meters, the kindergarten has now completed the design plan and is expected to start construction in October 2017 and put into use in 2018. In addition, Binhai School of Yaohua High School, Yujiapu International Primary School, Tianjin Kindergarten and other educational facilities have successively started construction. In future, the planning and construction for Xiangluowan International Hospital and Dagu street community health service center will be started to provide high-quality health care services for the public.

Talent apartment construction. With the construction model of combining “decentralized” and “concentrated”, the talent apartments provide high-quality and cozy living services to companies and talents in the area. By relying on the mature commercial buildings in CBD Area, “decentralized” talent apartments are set up in 10 commercial buildings, including Kuangshi International Building, Zheshang Building, Binhai Guotai Mansion, etc., in the core area of CBD Area, so as to provide 3,743 apartments. At the same time, the construction of “centralized” talent apartments is promoted vigorously. In 2016, Yujiapu Apartments of Taurus, Cancer and Leo with the total area of nearly 48,000 square meters were put into use one after another. They offer 681 apartments to accommodate 1,156 talents. In the second half of 2017, Yujiapu apartment of Capricorn, which is the fourth centralized talent apartment, will also be put into operation. By then, Yujiapu Apartment will offer the total of over 900 apartments to accommodate a variety of more than 1,500 talents.

In addition, system construction is being continuously improved for talent apartments. On the basis of issuing Trial measures of CBD Area for the management of talent apartments, Measures of CBD Area for the management of rental subsidy for talents (trail), half-price concession for talent apartments and other related policies have been introduced to create the “housing policy combination”, so as to help enterprises and talents develop in CBD Area. At the same time, the brand construction concept of “intelligence, low-carbon and humanity” of Yujiapu Apartment has been put forward. By constructing the apartment information system and carrying out a series of special activities, the CBD Area further enhances the service quality of Yujiapu Apartment to create good living atmosphere for talents settling in.

Green landscape construction. Ribbon Island Park, Yujiapu Riverside Park, Ziyun Park and the park to the south of the management committee have all been constructed. In future, it also plans to arrange 13 environmental landscapes, including the cultural center park, the green axis landscape to the east of the high-speed rail station, etc. The green area of about 3.751 million square meters has been constructed and that of more than 1 million square meters is under construction.

The development of cultural and sports causes. The gas film stadium of CBD Area, which is the first air film stadium in Tianjin, has been constructed and put into use. Sports enthusiasts can exercise in the “gas ball” with lighting free from glare, the anti-haze air purification system and constant temperature for the whole year. Xiangluowan sports square with the floor area of about 27,000 square meters has been built in the blank plot to the west of Xiangluowan polar aquarium. It makes use of the change of materials and shape to create the soccer field and other sports areas, the square for instrument fitness and health dance and other leisure and entertainment areas, which meet different levels of public demands for sports. Tianjin Binhai New Area Cultural Center, which occupies the floor area of 120,000 square meters and total construction area of 312,000 square meters, includes “five halls and one gallery”. Binhai New Area Library, which is one of the five halls, plans to be opened in August this year. Most of other halls and the cultural gallery plan to be opened in October. The commercial contract-signing rate has reached 80%.