Zhang Yuzhuo met with guests from Asymchem Group

On December 9, Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of Municipal Standing Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area, met with Hong Hao, Chairman of Asymchem Group and his delegation. The following figures participated: Yang Bing, a member of District Standing Party Committee and Executive Vice District Governor; Li Cailiang, a member of District Standing Party Committee and Secretary of District Party Committee; Xu Datong, Secretary of Working Committee of Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area and Director of Administrative Committee of TEDA; heads of relevant district authorities.

Zhang Yuzhuo firstly extended welcome to the guests. He said that Asymchem Group, as a leading enterprise in the R & D and production service outsourcing of domestic pharmaceuticals, has made a positive contribution to the development and construction of Binhai New Area while continuously developing and expanding itself. At present, Binhai New Area is seriously studying, publicizing and implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, building a modern economic system and accelerating the creation of a prosperous and livable new city, which cannot be achieved without the active participation and contribution of all parties. We hope that Asymchem Group shall seize a good opportunity with the development of Binhai New Area, increase investment here, and constantly enhance its core competitiveness. Binhai New Area will strive to create a low-cost, highly efficient and excellent service environment for development, so that enterprises can be assured for investment and development.

Hong Hao expressed his thanks to Binhai New Area for its support over the years and briefly introduced the development of the enterprise. He said that Asymchem Group will continue to base itself in Binhai New Area and step up exchanges and cooperation with it to make positive contribution to the economic development of Binhai New Area while pushing the enterprise to become bigger and stronger. It is claimed that Asymchem Group is a leading technological international outsourcing company for integrated medical services, and over the years committed it has been committed to providing research and development of clinical drugs and preparation of new drugs, as well as continuous process optimization and application of large-scale production of patented drugs to be listed. At present, the Group has invested in the establishment of a number of research, development, production and sales of integrated service companies, including MSD, Pfizer and other world-renowned pharmaceutical companies.