Strengthening protection and utilization of cultural relics in Binhai New Area

On December 9, the Dagu Fortification Cultural Heritage Seminar and Binhai New Area Culture and Arts Development Forum, hosted by Binhai New Area Culture, Radio and Television Bureau, Nankai University History Institute and the Dagukou Fortress Museum, were held in the Binhai New Area Art Museum. Deng Guanghua, a member of District Standing Party Committee and head of District Publicity Department attended.

The Forum was held in response to instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping in the 19th National CPC Congress that "we must strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics"; therefore, we must enhance the prestige of Dagukou Fortress Museum as a symbol of Binhai New Area and even a super symbol of Tianjin’s cultural relics. The Forum invited Zheng Xinmiao, Li Wenru, Wang Chaoguang, Xu Hong, Wang Zhizhi, Zhang Zhuo and other renown experts and scholars in the field of literature and art to conduct in-depth discussions on topics such as the "protection of Dagukou cultural relics and coordinated research on urban development" and "innovative development of cultural sites in light of multiculturalism", etc., while proposing proposals for development in a targeted manner, and demonstrating the features of a high-level, high-class and authoritative forum. Through the academic debate among participants, it triggered a social phenomenon of "Dagukou Fortress".