Optimizing "five environments" to make enterprises more "comfortable"

In order to thoroughly implement the Opinions on Further Optimizing Investment Services and the Business Environment by Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Tianjin Municipal People's Government, to firmly grasp the historic window-like development stage of Binhai New Area, and to turn the opportunity advantages into development advantages and into competition advantage at the maximum extent, Binhai New Area has formally printed and distributed the Workload Division Program to Further Optimize Investment Services and Business Environment in Binhai New Area (hereinafter referred to as Workload Division Program). The Workload Division Program explicitly states that Binhai New Area will strive to optimize the business environment, legal environment, market environment, human resources environment and social environment, will establish and improve an accountability mechanism for supervision and will incorporate the work of further optimizing investment services and the business environment into indicators for the performance assessment system.

Vigorously promoting the reform of "decentralization, management and services"

According to the Workload Division Program, Binhai New Area will focus on optimizing the business environment and promoting the reform of "decentralization, management and services" in the nation.

Binhai New Area will comprehensively improve the level of administrative examination, approval and service, and improve the management list system of rights and responsibilities; it will comprehensively sort out public service issues, compile a list of issues, and resolutely cancel all kinds of unnecessary proofs and cumbersome conditions; it will further promote centralized reception for the administrative examination and approval matters, which will be dealt with by service agencies in towns and streets, while exploring reform initiatives such as written commitment letter, combination of licenses and letters, services in advance and so on.

Binhai New Area will comprehensively enhance the level of commercial services; it will explore the implementation of "separation of licenses and certificates", and "multiple items into one and multiple certificates into one." The implementation of electronic enterprise registration can achieve online operation for the establishment of enterprises, changes and cancellation. The registration of an individual industrial and commercial household that does not use the name and does not need pre-approval matters is implemented immediately.

Binhai New Area will comprehensively enhance the service level of "Internet + government affairs". It will accelerate the implementation of business online reporting, annual inspection, filing, consulting, handling and complaints for enterprises and residents, to provide timely and accurate policy information services, to optimize port clearance and logistics processes, to speed up opening up of the Dagang Port, Gaoshaling Port and other ports, to improve service functions of the airport, to promote the restructuring and upgrading of dry ports and to optimize the layout.

Forming an administrative system according to the law

The Workload Division Program proposes that Binhai New Area will focus on optimizing the legal environment and take the lead in the formation of an administrative system according to law.

Binhai New Area will standardize the operation of departments, fully implementa dynamic management of rights and responsibilities list; it will establish a long-term mechanism for the cleaning of administrative normative documents, and regularly release a clean catalog of administrative normative documents, for example, timely publicity to the community. It will standardize the intermediary service behavior, establish a government pricing list of fees for administrative examination and approval intermediary services; it will establish a charge directory list system for business-related administrative fees and government pricing business service, publicize the directories list to the public, establish cancellation of all illegal administrative charge, and resolutely put an end to all forms of indiscriminate apportionment and indiscriminate charging, to ease the burden on enterprises to the maximum extent.

Binhai New Area will strictly protect property rights according to law and protect property rights, claims, equity, intellectual property rights and various new types of property rights and interests of all types of market entities according to law; it will establish institutional mechanisms to prevent party and government cadres from intervening in judicial activities, intervening in judicial disputes and intervening in the handling of lawsuit cases.

Building a highly open and new type of investment and financing system

According to the Workload Division Program, Binhai New Area will focus on optimizing the market environment, and actively build a highly open new investment and financing system.

Binhai New Area will fully relax market access and liberalize competitive areas. In accordance with the principle of access to non-forbidden items and entry for non-forbidden items, it will be the first to implement a market access negative list management system, a clear list of prohibited and restricted investment in the business including sectors, areas, business scopes, etc.. All types of market entities excluded on the list can have legally equal access, and barriers and discriminatory policies that hinder the fair participation of the private economy in competition will be eliminated, to effectively implement the principle of equal treatment to enterprises with all kinds of ownership.

Binhai New Area will comprehensively promote the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises; it will comprehensively promote the government and social capital cooperation (PPP), establish a standardized PPP project library, improve the price formation mechanism and financial support measures, and priority will be given to eligible projects to invest in the construction or operation of the PPP model in the areas of public services, resources and environment, ecological protection and infrastructure; financial institutions should be encouraged to provide integrated financial services and a diversified and sustainable PPP mode of funding guarantee mechanism to speed up the introduction of strategic investments and strengthen the financing guarantee and the re-guarantee system.

Building a new high ground for talents with full efforts

The Workload Division Program clearly states that Binhai New Area will focus on optimizing the human resources environment and creating a new high ground for talents.

Binhai New Area will improve the talent introduction mechanism to guide the human resources from Beijing and Tianjin, coupled with innovation resources, to radiate and transfer to Binhai New Area as the key point, speed up construction of major carriers, create conditions for the accumulation of various types of high-level talents; it will develop a list of talents in urgent demand, improve the priority household registration settlement system and enrich channels for talents to settle in Binhai New Area.

Binhai New Area will improve the talent incentive mechanism; it will support R&D personnel from universities and research institutes to leave employment for entrepreneurship. It will improve the mechanism of personnel protection, solve the problems of introducing talents and introducing private entrepreneurs, and give policy preferences in such aspects as temporary housing resettlement, transfer of household registration, transfer of family members, and children's entrustment to school; it will improve the treatment procedures for investors to Binhai New Area to medical institutions here and make improvement for children of foreign employees to be enrolled and other measures.

Breakthroughs are achieved in promoting the construction of a reliable Binhai New Area.

The Workload Division Program has made it clear that Binhai New Area will make efforts to optimize the social environment and make new breakthroughs in building a reliable Binhai New Area.  

Binhai New Area will exert efforts to promote the construction of a credit platform and to improve the administrative examination and approval system as well as the administrative law enforcement and supervision platform; it will establish an honest supervision system, build an honest government, formulate a government credit evaluation and management approach, incorporate honesty and trust into government performance appraisal, play the role of social media as supervision, smoothen public opinion appeal channels, support complaints of government dishonesty and so on.

In addition to optimizing the five major environmental issues, the Workload Division Program also proposes that Binhai New Area should make overall planning and coordination, pay close attention to implementation, implement inventory management, establish and improve accountability mechanisms, establish a mechanism to reform, innovate and tolerate errors, and include further optimization of investment services and business environment into the performance evaluation indicator system in Binhai New Area.