Strict implementation of "Tianjin Eight Measures" to better play the role of entrepreneurs

On December 13, Binhai New Area District Party Committee convened a meeting of the Standing Committee (Enlarged) and the District Committee Central Party Theoretical Center Group to learn from and convey the speech made by Comrade Li Hongzhong at the working conference for entrepreneurs of Tianjin Municipality, coupled with speeches delivered at the Tianjin entrepreneurs working conference by Comrade Duan Chunhua's speech on setting up a good environment for entrepreneurship and development, as well as Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree Electric, Sun Pishu, Party Secretary and President of Inspur, and Zhao Weiguo, Chairman of Ziguang Group Co., Ltd.. Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of Municipal Standing Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area presided over the conference and addressed. The following figures attended: Xu Hongxing, Director of District People’s Congress Standing Committee; Han Yuanda, Chairman of the District Political Consultative Conference, and Zheng Huoying, Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee. Yang Bing, a member of District Standing Party Committee and Executive Deputy District Governor and Xia Qinglin, Deputy District Governor, conveyed the content of the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that on November 16, the municipal party committee and municipal government held a working conference for entrepreneurs in Tianjin and Secretary Li Hongzhong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Meanwhile, the meeting promulgated the Regulations on Establishing a Good Environment for Entrepreneurs' Development in Tianjin and put forward a large number of concrete measures to play an entrepreneurial role in the community, which aroused strong repercussions in the society. Tianjin ushered in the golden age of business development and entrepreneurial growth. The contents of the speech of the three entrepreneurs have broad visions and brilliant colors, fully reflecting the strong political awareness of entrepreneurs while taking on awareness, developing awareness and enterprising consciousness. Binhai New Area should be targeted against the table and condemnation, should service entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship as a top priority, offer tailor-made services, develop entrepreneurial policy initiatives and take the initiative to docking services – these must not be forgotten after learning. The meeting stressed the need to thoroughly implement the document spirit of the CPC Central Committee and Municipal Party Committee, organize all units to spare efforts to do a good job of publicity and interpretation of the documents and create an atmosphere in which the whole society cares about entrepreneurs and respect entrepreneurs. It is necessary to formulate and implement the plan as soon as possible to determine the objectives and tasks of the work, and to strengthen follow-up supervision and coordination guidance to promote the implementation of various measures. Binhai New Area must adhere to the problem-oriented to firstly make breakthrough in key areas. In the light of the development status of Binhai New Area, it will take the lead in achieving breakthroughs in reducing the operating costs of enterprises, upgrading the social status of private entrepreneurs and eliminating barriers to market access, and will promptly transform Binhai New Area into an entrepreneurial "highland", a "wetland" for growth and a "harbor" for entrepreneurial hears.

The meeting stressed that at present, Binhai New Area is accelerating to create a prosperous and livable new district. At an important historic window stage, there must be more entrepreneurs with international perspectives and modern concepts who dare to take charge and lead the way in Binhai New Area, to play their roles. Therefore, Binhai New Area should do more good jobs for entrepreneurs. The relevant departments of the district and each functional zone must resolutely break the fear and rely on the sentiment, take the initiative to establish the sense of service, strictly implement the "Tianjin Eight Measures", present "concrete goods" to service enterprises in Binhai New Area as soon as possible, to take out "hard dishes" to boost entrepreneurial growth in Binhai New Area, so that entrepreneurs can truly become contributors to wealth, innovative practitioners and leaders of development here.

District leaders including Cao Jinqiu, Zhao Zhong, Li Jianjun, Sun Jianhua, Deng Guanghua and Li Cailiang attended. The responsible persons of functional zones and relevant district departments participated.