Tianjin builds green ports and jointly builds an institute-enterprise platform with Ministry of Environmental Protection

On December 12, Tianjin Port Group Corporation and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China (CAEP) signed a cooperation framework agreement, which will strengthen cooperation in port environmental protection, green port construction planning, port environment monitoring and harbor environmental protection research, and build a cooperation platform for institute-enterprise cooperation, to provide useful references for the national port enterprises to practice the concept of green development and to build green ecological ports.

The CAEP of the Ministry of Environmental Protection is the authority directly managed under the Ministry of Environmental Protection, specializing in the preparation of national environmental planning, research and development of environmental policies, project evaluation and other aspects of work. Since 2001, the CAEP has undertaken more than 50 major state-level planning and more than 40 research projects on the planning of ecological and environmental protection at the basin and region levels. It has led more than 110 major scientific and technological projects, research projects in science and technology as well as more than 60 researches on national environments policies, completed more than 50 international cooperation projects and a number of plans, assessment reports and environmental policies, which are approved and adopted by the Chinese government, and thus it provides an important technical support for the decision-making of the relevant departments. According to the List of Core Think Tanks 2017, published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the CAEP ranks third in research think tanks among the state ministries.

The cooperation with the CAEP is a concrete move by Tianjin Port Group Corporation to conscientiously implement the concept of socialist ecological civilization at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. According to the cooperation framework agreement, both sides will, on the basis of equality and voluntariness, mutual benefits and long-term cooperation, conduct research on countermeasures in accordance with the national ecological civilization construction and environmental protection policies in the next five years and formulate environmental protection measures to ensure and to promote the development of the group companies. They will take reference from the work plan to form a green port and eco-port construction program; they will cooperate with the national port industry and the development trend of the environment, to carry out the frontier basic research of the port industry environmental protection; they will carry out relevant researches on the actual demand and objective practice of environmental protection work in the port industry; they will strengthen exchanges on the theme of environmental protection work in port industry and share excellent academic resources, data resources and information resources both at home and abroad. At the signing ceremony, the two sides also signed two project cooperation agreements that were started in advance.