Striving for a solid battle for headquarter economy to grow stronger

Recently, the District Party Committee of Binhai New Area held a meeting of the Standing Party Committee (Enlarged) Meeting and the Theoretical Center Group of District Party Committee to learn from and listen to the Report on the Development of Headquarter Economy in Binhai New Area and to convey the spirit of Li Hongzhong, Party Secretary of Municipal Party Committee. Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of Municipal Standing Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area, presided over the meeting and addressed. The following figures attended the meeting: Xu Hongxing, Director of Standing Committee of District People’s Congress; Han Yuanda, Chairman of the District Political Consultative Conference; Zheng Huiying, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee.

The meeting stressed the need to intensify the urgency and to conscientiously target the advanced regions in Guangzhou and other regions to continuously increase our sense of urgency, to earnestly optimize the regional environment, to conserve the volume and to increase the quantities, and on the basis of consolidating the traditional advantageous industries, we should seize the electronic representation of the future development direction such as information, artificial intelligence, bio-medicine and other strategic emerging industries. The headquarter economy has become a new area of economic growth. We must enhance the initiative, take the initiative to please, refuse to be a latent businessman, resolutely overcome difficulties such as psychological fear, so-so mindset, etc. while keeping a focus on resources, taking the initiative to go to the enterprise to promote negotiations, and striving for a tough war for the headquarter economy to grow stronger. It is necessary to enhance the systematisms and comprehensively consider the entire district level so as to enhance the systematisms and synergy of the project headquarters in various functional zones, to avoid homogenous competition and resource consumption and to effectively solve the "scattered" and "chaotic" phenomena in the headquarters in Binhai New Area. To enhance the characteristic, we must do a good job in implementing the Ten Measures that have been promulgated to promote the economic development of the headquarters, put the existing policy advantages into full play and the ultimate use, and dare to drink the soup and be pioneering, carefully design "optional actions" to study new policies and to form a unique advantage of Binhai New Area, so that it can be a real demonstration in Tianjin and play a leading role in the country.

District leaders Yang Bing, Cao Jinqiu, Zhao Zhong, Li Jianjun, Sun Jianhua, Deng Guanghua and Li Cailiang attended. District Leader Xia Qinglin invited. Responsible persons from functional zones and district departments participated.