Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs optimistic about development prospects of Binhai New Area

At 5:00 p.m. on December 14, more than 100 VIP guests from over 30 enterprises in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) gathered at the VIP Room on the third floor of the TEDA Investment Service Center to attend the TEDA New Year Exchange for Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs 2018. While enjoying the traditional Chinese art and tasting specialties, entrepreneurs also shared their expectations and confidence in TEDA and the development of Binhai New Area in the coming year. "The development here is changing rapidly, and our enterprises are also required to keep up with the pace of development here," entrepreneurs who participated said.

"It is full of hope and confidence in the coming year".

To create a good environment for venture entrepreneurship and development, to promote outstanding entrepreneurship, to further establish the concept of "industry first and entrepreneurs are bosses" and to better play the role of entrepreneurs, Tianjin Municipality recently promulgated the Measures on Creating a Good Environment for Development of Enterprises and Entrepreneurship,  (referred to as Tianjin Eight Measures). This policy "package" has boosted confidence of enterprises in TEDA.

Yan Caiming, General Manager of PPG Asia Pacific and Chairman of TEDA International Chamber of Commerce, is regarded as an "old witness of TEDA." "With over 30 years of development, TEDA has achieved very good results, and many of our projects are leading across the country. We are very proud as entrepreneurs and employees who live and work here. Yan Caiming said that when Secretary Li Hongzhong summed up the Tianjin Eight Measures, he said: "When the policies are concentrated, they mean one work, i.e., service. This makes them feel that the time has come. It is not only a year full of hope but full of confidence in the future.

Yang Mingtao, Vice President of DiDi Travel Technology Co., Ltd., also pays attention to the Tianjin Eight Measures. He said that after Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Tianjin Municipal Government proposed the Tianjin Eight Measures, they have enjoyed more confidence in the future development as a registered enterprise in TEDA. As a headquarters of DiDi Travel, TEDA has always given a steady stream of support to it. This year, they are honored to win the fourth prize of Top 100 TEDA Enterprises. The recent arrival of the Tianjin Customer Service Center in TEDA was completed at TEDA MSD, which is also a powerful example of cooperation between DiDi Travel and TEDA. It is also a perfect example to promote regional economy and employment, to reflect corporate social responsibility in response to the Tianjin Eight Measures as well as a practice to give full play to the entrepreneurial spirit.

New Year: Time to plan a new blueprint.

Volkswagen Automatic Gear Box (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., as one of the leading auto industry projects in TEDA, has now invested billions of euros here. Stitou, the Company's General Manager, said that its achievements have benefited from the strong support of its partners and Tianjin government at all levels, including TEDA's Administrative Committee. Volkswagen Group has always been committed to investing in the Chinese market and localized production, which depends on the most optimized production environment provided by the local government.

"The factory here is very close to our headquarters in China, with modern and efficient infrastructure here, and Tianjin has become a very good place for us to manufacture," Stitou notes. The automotive industry is facing very big challenges and changes, which means a great opportunity. Recently, the Chinese government is devoting itself to the promotion of new energy vehicles. It is constantly rethinking whether it wants new business models. It is for this reason that we will launch a new production project in Tianjin. The new products will be hybrid gear boxes in the future. In the next step, we probably might introduce electric drive motors.

DiDi Travel is also brewing more innovative development plans. "We are now working with a number of cities including Tianjin to carry out intelligent signal lights, intelligent traffic screen and tidal lanes. We are also in deep cooperation with the Tianjin Public Transport Group to provide real-time query services to jointly optimize the bus lines," Yang Mingtao pointed out. In the coming year, DiDi Travel, as an enterprise in TEDA, will continue to do a good job in the industry, sum up experience and deficiencies and contribute to the development of Tianjin and TEDA.